Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Golf Putting: 2 minute practise drill to have you holing more putts!

I’m always thinking of practise routines to help shave a few shots off your
game each week and this little tip is one I have used time and time again
to help keep my putting stroke smooth and straight.

It will help you concentrate more on what you are doing with the putter
head throughout the stroke and hopefully stop you pulling or pushing the putt away from the hole.

The golf putting technique:

Take time before going out on course to have a few practise putts to help get a feel for the speed of the greens and help loosen you up before the first REAL putt of the day.

This technique requires you to make a straight tunnel of tees (6 tees should be enough) directly behind the putter head from where you are to take a practise putt.

With 3 tees on each side, just wider than the putter head, begin to space them out with up to a maximum of a couple of inches in between each one.
(Only push the very tip of the tee into the ground, just enough for it to remain standing because you don’t want the green keeper getting too angry!)

These tees are going to act as your barriers and will help focus your putting stroke and keep your action with he putter straight and true therefore helping you hit a more consistent putt.

Now address the ball with the tunnel of tees behind you and get ready to hit your putt. When you draw the putter head back be sure not to hit any of the tees that you have set up. It is also the case that you shouldn’t hit any tees as you bring the putter back to meet the ball before impact.
If you hit the tees either on the way up or the way through then your stroke is not as straight as it should be and would explain why you are not consistently holing putts.

Practise this drill for a couple of minutes and you’ll quickly realise the accuracy of your putting stroke and where you are going wrong. Focus on hitting a smooth putt without hitting any of the tees.

You’ll see the results almost immediately and you will hopefully start to naturally take a better and smoother golf putting stroke and therefore start holing more putts and improving not only your score but your golf handicap too!!

Good luck with this one and let me know how you get on.

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